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Watching a Whale Pod from Sea North II

"Sea North Tours is a family owned company evolved from a love of the subarctic and its wildlife.

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Beluga Whales in the Churchill River

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Birds, Seals, Belugas and Ice
Eider Duck

Churchill River breakup varies but usually occurs early to mid June. At this time we enjoy taking visitors amongst sea ice in industrial quality inflatable boats. Past tours have produced close up sightings of three species of Jaegers (Skuas), Harlequin Duck, King Eider, Black Guillemont, Great Black- Backed, Sabine's, Little and Ross's Gulls as well as many more common birds to the area.

This tour is more than birds, it's an opportunity to become part of an intimate environment which is a lively soup of birds, seals, huge turquoise core ice shapes and possibly the season's first Belugas.

Tide, current and ice conditions dictate tour times; please call. Length - 2 - 2 1/2 hours.


Beluga Flukes amongst the Floe Ice
Ring Seal

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aboard the Sea North II
Touring Prince of Wales Fort

Included is an interpreted tour through Prince of Wales Fort, one of the most bizarre stories in Canadian History; afterwards spend time with nature's most elegant creatures.

Belugas are beautiful, playful and intelligent. Theyoften swim within a few feet of our boat turning on their side to check out the people on board. Over three thousand of these 3 to 5 metre long white whales summer in the Churchill River estuary, making it the world's largest readily accessible population. Belugas are the most vocal of all whales and you will hear them through stereo hydrophones. What do they sound like? If you have listened to Orcas or Humpback whales sing, you have heard classical music. Belugas are rock and roll!

Although summer is not prime Polar Bear watching season we often get lucky and spot bears as they swim ashore abandoning the melting sea ice, or at rest along rocky coast lines. Because our tours leave seven days a week (weather permitting) we are able to keep an eye on the movements of wildlife and take "you" to where the action is.

The order of the tour will vary (whales first then fort or vice versa)

Whale Watching from Sea North II
Polar Bear on Coastal Rock

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Beluga checking out Snorklers Swim Fin

Available by the hour, our Zodiacs are equipped with clean quiet four stroke outboards and are operated by Churchill's most experienced river pilots. Suggested charters: Dive Hudson Bay, Snorkel with the Beluga's, Sloop Cove Historical Site, additional time with Beluga Whales, Photography, etc.

Mike Macri is a professional photographer with a collection of over 20 thousand northern images.  All photos are copyrighted © All Rights Reserved. For photo usage contact Mike at

Polar Bear Swimming in the Churchill River

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Mother Beluga with Calf

The Sea North II is a one of a kind custom built 32 passenger tour boat. Among its special design features are Twin Hamilton Jet Pumps turned by Volvo Penta Diesels. This method of propulsion ensures that no harm can come to the whales as there are no exposed moving parts under the water. She is also reinforced to push ice at reduced speeds. Best quality engine silencers along with heavy sound insulated engine room make the Sea North II extremely quiet above and below the water.

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