Our Team


COVER: Photo © Alex de Vries-Magnifico

While the belugas are the main attraction, the people who get you there are of upmost importance. Churchill is a remote community and our team has detailed knowledge of the land and sea here. We are friendly and welcoming while taking your safety and the safety of the belugas very seriously.


Our home. Your adventure.

Remi Foubert-Allen

He is a 3rd generation Churchillian and Captain of the one and only SEA NORTH II vessel. His favourite memories to date are rare Orca sightings in 2012 and 2014.

Nickia McIvor

My name is Nickia McIvor and I have been raised in Churchill my whole life. I love to travel and explore the northern lands and make art in my free time.

Alex de Vries-Magnifico

An avid photographer and local gallery owner, Alex has been with Sea North Tours since 2013. His love and overall knowledge of the town of Churchill and its surrounding wildlife radiate from him with every tour.

Erin Greene

Owner/operator of “SUP North”, she fell in love with Churchill in 2012. Combining her passion for the whales, the water and active living, she introduced paddleboarding to the Churchill River.

Jocelyn McLean

Jocelyn works on the front line entertaining beluga whales all summer. Instead of toys, she uses kayaks and zodiacs. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it!